Marni Sclaroff

Yoga Teacher. Spirit Guide


A note from a client....

"In my work with Marni I was held in total unconditional love and understanding. I never felt judged. I felt totally free to do the real work I need to do. 
The sessions were soul and body centric. I was always guided into my body and heart to find answers and information. It never came at me, it always came from me. I love Marni's approach in this way, it feels so authentic. 
I have learned so much about how to tap into my own body, heart, and soul, which has been an invaluable tool to me going forward. I have become much more comfortable in my own skin and I feel so much more grounded in myself. I am able to navigate difficult situations more intentionally and this has been so empowering. The initial mentoring sessions helped clear out the "junk" in my mind, and now I am able to spot patterns, habits, and cycles that make me unhappy. From there, Marni helps me work these kinks out. So much less strife and struggle and more forward movement. This work with Marni has changed my life, without a doubt, profoundly."
Jessica Fawcett-Yoga Teacher

Welcome Home.

You are human and holy.

You are the wild child made of the sun and the moon.

You are magnificent.

You are truth and paradox.  The Mystery revealing itself as you.

Your heart holds the secrets of everything you will ever need to know.

And, I know that life can sometimes be, just, so much.

You can feel stuck, and small, and lost, and confused.  You can lose your way, forget your heart, and feel so far away from home.

I see you dear one, and I am here with you.  I have walked this path for years and lifetimes.

Welcome home.

Marni comes without agenda, she holds space for the work to unfold and I believe that gifted ability can only come from her lived experience of holding space for her own spiritual growth. She has integrity, honesty, and exceptional clarity on all matters of the heart.
I have benefited from this work by learning to trust my body, my voice, my intuitive sense....and cultivating courage through the huge upheavals that often accompany deep transformation.This, to me, makes her immensely trustworthy and reliable.
— Tib Campise-Clinical Social Worker