Clear. Thoughtful. Deep. Potent. Transformative. Marni will take you to your center, where you’re bound to expand.
— Vivian Campagna


You become the walking embodiment of your heart. 

You walk this path on the sacred ground of everything that matters to you.

Together, we build a bridge of congruency between your spiritual practice and your daily life.  You learn how to live it, for real.

No more playing small, or beating around the bush.  No more empty talk and inspiring concepts that just never becomes real.

How long have you been practicing, and yet nothing ever changes. 

The time is now to choose your path, and live it.

Its so easy to forget.

Its so easy to forget your vision, your truth, your knowing.  

When you forget;  you lose your health, your wisdom, your commitments, your passion, your voice, your strength, your vitality.

I know, because I've been there.

I also, know what it is like to remember again.  I know the process of unfolding ourselves once again to the wide open space of our own heart's wisdom.  I know that it requires safe and sacred space.  I know that it requires friends, tools, support, and safety.

We begin wherever you are.  

We create a sacred space for transformation to happen.

I give you tools and real life practices that work, hold the container, and be the witness to your evolution.  We build momentum around the work that you are doing, and your whole life will change.

You are living your yoga.

You realize that yoga is not something that you just practice every once in a while on sticky mat.  

it is everything.  

It is how you live, what you eat, what you say, how you work, how you dream, how you be.

This becomes your personal revolution that will change the world.  We start here, right now, together.  

You become the revolution. You become the lighthouse.  

 I have dedicated my life to supporting women who are ready, because I know that this is everything. 

We use the exquisite and profound teachings of yoga, which I have been living for over 20 years, and we bring them to your life. 

We look at your relationships, your work, your body, how you take care of yourself and others, and everything and anything else that you bring to the conversation.  

We shine the light in the darkness and you will know your truth.  You commit yourself to living with passionate integrity, embodied grace, and the radical freedom that comes with knowing your purpose.



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Your Personal Revolution Begins Here.

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"I appreciate you, Marni, you are so refreshing in the yoga world. Your humility, vessel-hood, and honesty maybe your secret powers. Thank you."
-Palika Benton