Why I meditate.

Because life is hard.
And, it is beautiful.
Because there is so much I could be doing, but not all of it really matters.
Because what really matters is something I must choose everyday.
Because my insides overwhelm me sometimes, especially when I forget to listen.
Because I feel everything and everyone, and I need time and space to rest in what is essential, so that I can keep on.
Because I care so much.
Because I love so much.
Because I hurt, and I make mistakes, and I over share, and I talk too much, and I struggle to focus on one thing at a time. Because my mind is active and wild and brilliant.
Because life.
Because of my kids, and their kids, and mother earth, and for every suffering being out there who lacks the resources or freedoms that I so often take for granted.
Because I am the deciding factor in my own happiness.
Because I am free.
Because no one else is gonna save me.
Because because because.

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