Soul Mentoring

We meet twice a month in a sacred container of safety, trust, a sense of humor, and love.


Each call begins with breath.  

We tune into to the sacred wisdom of the body with loving attention.  

Then, you share what's present in your life, what matters to your heart, what you are celebrating, and what is challenging.

I see you, hear you, and listen.  This is everything.

Then, even more amazing, is when I reflect back to you everything that you already know.

Your heart will leap, your eyes will sparkle, and your knowing will know. You will come home to you.

Together, we will craft your new vision for your sacred and beautiful life from the home place of your heart.

We will look at every living and dying thing in your life that matters, and we will find the hidden jewels, the wise teachers, the awakening gifts.

You will learn how to listen to your soul.  You will know what matters, and what does not.  You will know how process life in ways that nourish you and gives you energy.  You will know all about your YES.


There are 3 different ways of working

3 month (6, hour long phone calls)- This is the option if you need potent guidance on your present spiritual/emotional/energetic work.  In 3 months, you will understand exactly what needs to happen next in your life for your soul evolution and radiant health. 

6 month (12, hour long phone calls)- In 6 months, we will craft a soulfully connected worldview, personal practices, healthy habits, and life situations that support you in becoming fully resourced, internally and externally.

12 month (24, hour long phone calls)-This is the most deep, the powerful, the most supportive option.  This is for you when you are stepping through a life threshold.  Some examples include:

*Starting a new career or leaving a career

* Leaving a relationship

* Moving to new city

* Building your own spiritually/wellness centered business

* In the midst of a spiritual awakening, and need potent guidance for living it well


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