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Soulful Living Group
to Dec 10

Soulful Living Group

This is your monthly re-set.

Each month, we will meet, and sit, and meditate together.  We will cultivate intention, resilience, dignity, compassion, presence, receptivity, clarity, courage, brilliance, love, community, friendship, creativity, and aliveness.

We will organize ourselves around what really matters, and we will re-commit, each month to everything that we believe in.

We will live with our whole hearts, and stay grounded in the wisdom of our souls.  We will listen to call of spirit, and honor the deep connection that we all share with earth and with each other.

The Soulful Living Group is a growing, global community of humans who believe in the power of intention, the truth in beauty, and the radical idea that we have the power to change our reality when we change our minds.

What we do together:

* We will meet for 1 hour on Zoom, at the beginning of each month for a year. 

* Each call includes a soul talk based on the focus of the month, and a 20 minute guided meditation to integrate the teachings.

* There will also be monthly book suggestions inspired by the monthly focus.

* Each call will be recorded and sent out to all members, so you don't need to be there for the live calls.  You can listen whenever you want or need.   (After our first call on January 8, we will send out a survey to everyone in the group to see which days/times will work best for the future calls.  The calls will then be scheduled so most of the group can attend the live calls)

* You will have access to our private online network where we can share ideas, inspirations, support each other, and connect.  You will be able to download the app for your phone as well.

We begin on January 8 at 10 am EST.

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Soulful Teaching: Infuse your teaching with presence, purpose and power.
to Oct 18

Soulful Teaching: Infuse your teaching with presence, purpose and power.

In this two week webinar series, Marni will teach you how to become an inspired and empowered facilitator of yoga.  There are so many yoga teachers who know how to lead a great asana practice, but they fail to connect with students in any meaningful way.  In this series, we will dive  into two of the ways that you can connect more deeply with your students, and infuse your teaching with presence, purpose and power.

Week 1:  During our first call, we will explore the art of holding space.  You will learn how to hold the energy of the group, how to move energy when it gets stuck, and how to tap into the universal heart of the group.  We will discuss how to create a safe space for healing, true connection and personal growth.  You will be given homework that you can use in your teaching right away, and journaling prompts for further exploration.

Week 2:  On the second call, you will learn the art of creating themes for your classes that inspire, uplift, and engage your students in meaningful ways with their practice.  You will learn several gateways for creating themes, how to weave them through the practice, and how to connect the theme with the asana practice for a holistic experience.  We will also discuss the art of distilling themes from life experiences, and how to transform your own wounds into wisdom.

We will meet on Zoom, it is a free video conferencing app that you can download onto your computer or phone.  If you cant make the calls, you will have access the audio recordings that you can download to your computer.

Schedule:  Wednesday October 11 & 18

10 am-11:30 (or 12)

Investment $67

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to Aug 7


*Registration for the Revolution online mentorship is now closed.  

Sign up to be on the waitlist for the next session beginning in Winter 2018

Name *

REVOLUTION is a 5 week group mentorship for emerging spiritual revolutionaries.  

This mentorship is for you if....

You want to live the path with heart.
You long to see through the stories and the politics and the power grabs.
You know there's a better way. You feel truth vibrating in your bones.
You feel other people's pain and struggles and judgements, and you know that there is something you must do with all of that.
You know there's something special you must do with this wild and precious life, and you want to be close to others who are doing something special too.

Your investment is 197$


* 1 weekly live group call with Marni- Mondays 10-11 am EST (all calls will be recorded and available for download).  

* Private online network to support, inspire, share and connect.

* Inspiration, tools and practices to live the spiritual revolution.

* Joining a growing, global tribe of awakening leaders.

* Optional private mentoring call, during the course, with Marni for an extra fee.


Week One: Living your Passion and Knowing your Purpose-Awakening Heart

Week Two: Transforming Poison into Power and Fear into Action

Week Three: Your Sacred Intention. How to Anchor Light, Magnetic Abundance, and Your Sacred Service for the Global Soul.

Week Four: Skillful Intuition: Awakening your senses, working with dreams, Symbolic Understanding and Listening for Meaning in the Messages of the Mystery. 

Week Five: Living the Revolution: Radical Self-Love, Radical Congruency, Radical Evolution, and Spiritual Elegance in Relationships.


In this mentorship, you will be held in a circle of beings who are leaders, teachers, healers, seers, seekers, lovers, and wise ones.


*Seeing beauty first-looking for good

*Always honoring freedom

*Knowing generosity as inherent to who we are

*Recognizing love as pulsation of dark and light, contraction and expansion.

*We are whole and perfect and complete.  And we are and evolutionary work in progress.

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