private yoga

A private yoga class is designed for you.  I skillfully curate a practice that meets you exactly where you are, and that will take you where you need to go.  

If you are ready to deepen.  If you are longing for more clarity and skill.  If you feel like your on the edge of something so good and powerful, and you just need a little nudge.  If your heart is hurting, or your back is hurting, or your body feels like it needs more love.  If you feel anxious or confused, or angry.

If you want to learn how to meditate, or chant, or love more deeply.  If you are a yoga teacher and you want to know all about the postures from a insiders perspective.  If you just left your wife, or husband, or your kids went away to college, or you lost a job, or started a new job.

If you want to learn more, grow more, feel more, know more.


Private Yoga Can Include:

* Better postural alignment for injury prevention

* learn new poses

*meditation guidance and practice

* breathing techniques

* life mentoring (relationships, work, life, etc.)



1 hour private yoga class at your house- $135

Pack of 10 private yoga classes-$1250