Join us for a 40 day adventure into changing your money mindset.

Are you ready to change your money story?


I have been practicing yoga for 22 years, and it took me a really long time to realize that money matters. 

I used to say things like; I don't care about money, money is bad, people who care about money are not real human beings, I just want to teach yoga and I don't care how much I get paid.....blah blah blah.

Then, finally, I sat with myself, and got really honest about how things work.   Money is ENERGY.  It is neutral. It is not bad or good.  It is how we exchange things that we need for living a good life.

I want to live a good life.  I want my yoga to breathe into every single cell of my being.  Money is a part of this. 

You can do yoga with your money.

Just like all good yoga, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.  You will have to sit with yourself, be open and vulnerable.  You will have to start exactly where you are, and love yourself more than ever before. 

You will shift your mind-set around money.  You will practice dwelling in possibility.  You will align yourself with ABUNDANCE.  Abundance is simply the way that the Universe is always expanding.  It is always making more.  You are a part of that more-ness.  At your essence, you are more.  Because money is a form of energy, and energy will always be expanding, you can step into that current, and it will flow and grow.

It requires you to expand your capacity in thought, word and action to hold more.  You will need to recognize all of your habits of hiding, lacking, slumping, collapsing, and everything else that blocks the flow.


The Main Goals of This Mentorship:

  • Create a healthy & happy relationship with money

    • Understand your past stories about money and how they are influencing your current reality

    •  Letgo of destructive money thoughts and actions

    • Create new, productive money thoughts and actions


  • Clarify the purpose of money in your life

    • Understand money as energy & welcoming it

    • Recognize how your money can help you to embody your values

    • Articulating how money enables you to align with your higher purpose


  • Generating abundance and satisfaction with our money

    • Curating a community of inspiration and support

    • Align your spending habits with your values

    • Capitalize on your value and creating money flows

    • The powers of gratitude and generosity


The Details:

We begin on Monday, May 15, 2018.

*There will be 6 group mentoring sessions which will include teachings, discussion, mentoring, and practices. 

*We will meet on Monday nights at 6:30 pm (EST) on Zoom.  All calls will be recorded and sent out to the group. You will get the most out of this course if you attend all the calls live, but if you miss a call, you can access the recording after.

* You will practice meditation daily, journal, do the deep work of re-writing your money story, and learn skillful practices for expanding your capacity for receiving an giving money.


Course Curriculum:

This will be a 40 commitment to radically change your mindset, your habits, your beliefs, and your experience of money and abundance.  40 days is THE magic number for creating new habit patterns.


May 14-Week One: Your Soul on Fire-Why Money Matters-Your Money Mantras

May 21- Week Two: Crystal Clear-Cleaning up your Act.

June 4-Week Three: Gathering the Tribe-Money and Relationships

June 11-Week Four: Self-Esteem, Intuition, Gifts of Emotions (guilt, jealousy, fear, shame)

June 18-Week Five: Creating the Streams for Money to Flow-Universal Intelligence and the Mystery-The art of generosity

June 25-Week Six: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

There will be an optional, in-person, group mentoring session for those local to Virginia, on Sunday, June 17 from 3:30-5:30 pm.

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