soulful living group


This is your monthly re-set.

Each month, we will meet, and sit, and meditate together.  We will cultivate intention, resilience, dignity, compassion, presence, receptivity, clarity, courage, brilliance, love, community, friendship, creativity, and aliveness.

We will organize ourselves around what really matters, and we will re-commit, each month to everything that we believe in.

We will live with our whole hearts, and stay grounded in the wisdom of our souls.  We will listen to call of spirit, and honor the deep connection that we all share with earth and with each other.

The Soulful Living Group is a growing, global community of humans who believe in the power of intention, the truth in beauty, and the radical idea that we have the power to change our reality when we change our minds.  We learn to listen to the call of soul, and we know that the soul speaks to those who listen.

What we do together:

* We will meet for 1 hour on Zoom, at the beginning of each month for a year. 

* Each call includes a soul talk based on the focus of the month, and a 20 minute guided meditation to integrate the teachings.

* There will also be monthly book suggestions inspired by the monthly focus.

* Each call will be recorded and sent out to all members, so you don't need to be there for the live calls.  You can listen whenever you want or need.  (After our first call on January 8, we will send out a survey to everyone in the group to see which days/times will work best for the future calls.  The calls will then be scheduled so most of the group can attend the live calls)

* You will have access to our private online network where we can share ideas, inspirations, support each other, and connect.  You will be able to download the app for your phone as well.

We begin on January 8 at 10 am EST.

Investment: $397

Join with a friend or two, and receive a discount.

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