The Soulful Living Group

For the hungry hearts, the soulful revolutionaries, and the ones who want to live ridiculously well.

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We now sell gorgeous malas to support you in your meditation practice.  These malas are intentionally and prayerfully made in Bali to inspire and protect your energy.

This is your monthly re-set.

Each month, we will meet, and sit, and meditate together.  We will cultivate intention, resilience, dignity, compassion, presence, receptivity, clarity, courage, brilliance, love, community, friendship, creativity, and aliveness.

We will organize ourselves around what really matters, and we will re-commit, each month to everything that we believe in.

We will live with our whole hearts, and stay grounded in the wisdom of our souls.  We will listen to call of spirit, and honor the deep connection that we all share with earth and with each other.

The Soulful Living Group is a growing, global community of humans who believe in the power of intention, the truth in beauty, and the radical idea that we have the power to change our reality when we change our minds.  We learn to listen to the call of soul, and we know that the soul speaks to those who listen.

The Structure

* Monthly live group video gatherings- 1 hour includes an inspired discussion and then a group meditation.

* Two 1 hour-check in calls with Marni, to help you integrate the practices into your life.

* 3 bonus calls with nationally celebrated guest, meditation teachers.

* Weekly meditation/inspirational videos created by Marni, sent straight to your inbox. 

* Optional participation in the annual Yogaville Retreat in Virginia. (this requires an extra fee)