Marni Sclaroff is an author, yoga and meditation teacher, spirit guide, and wellness advocate with over twenty years of experience in the healing arts. She leads workshops, retreats, online courses, mentoring programs, and teacher trainings throughout the US and abroad. Her yoga classes are a unique blend of soulful inspiration woven into functional body mechanics, with a side of light-hearted playfulness, and earth based spirituality. 

She came to Yoga after searching for a way to heal from her many years of suffering from depression and disordered eating. After attending her first Yoga class in 1996, she knew that she had come home. Through the practices of Yoga, her life began to change; she found meaning and purpose; she experienced radical healing in her body and mind; and she learned how to love herself again. She then dedicated herself wholeheartedly to sharing this work with anyone who wanted to learn.

Marni has been blessed with incredible teachers and practices. She has completed thousands of hours of in-depth training in Jivamukti Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Ansuara Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism, Thai Massage, Ayurveda, and Tantra. She spent 3 years in deep apprenticeship with her mentor and teacher Sianna Sherman.  She was also a professional belly dancer for many years, which awakened in her the power of the sacred feminine as a force of embodied wisdom, beauty, and creative inspiration.

In all of her offerings, you will experience the woven threads of mythology, soulful journeying, intelligent rhythmic unfolding, the power of aligned action, energetic wisdom from a deep and true lineage, embodied transmission, and a light-hearted sense of wonder and curiosity.

I wrote a book for you….It was written on my iphone, in my bed, during a time of challenge, and I vowed to myself that I would transform every difficulty into something beautiful. Wild Human is that offering. You can find it here:


"My skype sessions with you, Marni, had the immediate effect of awakening a love of home practice. What you live was communicated in a profound healing way which awakened something indescribable. My perspective on asana practice shifted to an even more personal, self-nurturing daily experience. I used to look to group classes for a fraction of the depth of grounding I now find in home practice. Meditation is also enhanced, as this offering of self-care and deep reverence is occurring in home asana."

-Marcia Childress, student

"ok, i just had to look you up to tell you that you and your class are absolutely delightful! your awesome disposition is totally contagious and your teachings are quite expansive...to have that kind of balance as a teacher is pretty cool!

oh, and you quoted tom robbins last week and i almost passed out from shock...he's one of my absolute faves so that was pretty cool too:-)

anywho, that's it. i'm super picky about my yoga classes so i like to tell people when they're awesome. i imagine it can be tough as a teacher not to know if what you're saying is actually resinating with anyone in the room."
be well,

"I appreciate you, you are so refreshing in the yoga world. Your humility, vesselhood, and honesty maybe your secret powers. Thank you."

-Palika Benton