Alight Mentorship

Teaching Yoga as a Soul Path

When you took your first step on your mat, you knew. This practice would take you were you needed to go.  It was a place you belonged.  It felt like home. It brought you to your knees, it made you cry, it awakened the deepest kind of joy in your heart.  It inspired your deepest kind of devotion, and taught you the kind of discipline that feels like love.  You have felt your power.  You have moments of brilliant flow.  You have seen beyond the beyond, and you know that energy is real.  You know that teaching yoga is more than what it looks like from the outside.  It is sacred activism, it is your art, your service, your most valuable gift to the world.

How do we teach yoga like this?  How do we bring this kind of depth, power, meaning, and beauty to our offerings?  How do we create experiences for students that empower them to their own soulful awakening?  How do we infuse every single offering with this kind of spiritual elegance?

I have been teaching yoga for 20 years, and I have a Master's Degree in Art Education.  I have apprenticed myself to some of the most skillful and creative spiritual leaders of our time.  I have gathered methods and resources that have supported my own healing and awakening, and I have learned how to transmit the power of revelation through my teaching.  There is a path, there is a way, there is place you can land that will make this happen for you too.  I am also forever learning and growing, and recognize that the process is the destination.  Together, we are the revolution.


Business Ecology

Social media/online presence. The soul of your business. Your unique offerings. The yoga of money. Clear communication matters. Working with others.  


Teaching Methodology

Creating themes. Storytelling. Intelligent sequencing. Weaving a theme through a whole class.  Teaching whole people. Clarity of Intention.  Teaching yoga from the inside out.


Energy Fluency

Holding Space. Your energy signature. Energetics of a group. Activating a Space. Seeing energy. Moving Energy. Protecting your energy. How transmission works. How to be a channel.  Meeting your muse.



The mentorship includes:

* Two live, group video conference mentoring sessions with the Marni each month.  These will be a combination of teachings by Marni, open discussion, questions and feedback.

* One private mentoring session with Marni

* Relevant and useful homework assignments that will be handed in to Marni each month for review.  Homework includes journaling prompts, short talking videos, designing classes and offerings, teaching method practices, and home self practices.

* Optional review and powerful feedback of a video of you teaching a class.  (this is for an extra fee of $100).  

* An intimate group of teachers for support, friendship, inspiration, and growth.

* A teacher training manual that includes writing on holding space, sequencing, creating themes, alignment, hands on assists, etc.

The Mentorship runs from September 2018-February 2019. 

We will meet two Wednesdays per month on Zoom, at 11 am, est., for 1 to 1.5 hours. 

On the live calls, there will be a teaching, open discussion, and a time for questions and feedback.  All calls will be recorded, and sent out to all participants.  It is recommended that you make every effort to attend the live calls.

All participants will be required to meditate for 5- 20 minutes a day.  We will support you in this, and it will support everything that you do.

Be prepared to spend a few hours each week on homework/journaling/practice.

Investment: $999 or pay each month $197

Recommended Books

  1. TED talks-The Official TED guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson

  2. Mother Night and/or Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

  3. Theme Weaver by Michelle Berman Marchildon

  4. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

  5. Language of Emotions by Karla Maclaren

Course Outline:

September 12-What is Soul?

September 26-Your Personal Practice-Taking your seat

October 10-Art and science of holding space-energy, voice, intention.

October 24- Authentic Speech & Your Unique Gifts

November 7-Energetics of a Yoga Class

November 28-Intention and Themes

December 5- Intelligent Sequencing

December 19- Weaving Themes/Storytelling.

January 9-Soulful Social Media-Online Presence.

January 23-The Soul of your Business

February 6-Yoga of Money/Abundance/

February 20-Pulling it all together