Marni asks the right questions rather than give answers. Her words help me seek my truth, dig deeper, feel real emotions, cry, yell, laugh. She pushes me to those dark corners and helps me to see through the dark curtains where we always find light. She supports me with her presence, even when don’t see other for some time.
— Zivilie pupinyte Skiles-Yoga Teacher

I am an inner-wilderness guide of heart and soul.

I have been gifted with stories and teachers and moments of great unfolding wisdom.  

I speak the language of the soul, and this is my offering.

Together we craft practices and journeys that will support you in walking your most true path.

Access your intuition, manage your emotions, cultivate daily practice and meaningful ritual, meditate with ease, listen to your dreams, walk your talk, live your passion, find love in the middle of any mess, and share your gifts.

We find the next true thing, and you learn how to live it with joy.

The next true thing for you, begins with a free phone call.