Essential Oils and Practices for Living In Rhythm with Earth.


Mothering twins has brought me to my knees, over and over again, in utter devotion to the miracle of living.

It has shown me how much I love, how much I care, and how closely I stand in awe of the Mystery.

It has also shown me how disconnected we've become from the earth, from each other, and from our natural rhythms.  We are of the earth, and she needs us as much as we need her. 

In my home, we cultivate an ecology of clear presence, loving connection, and alive energy with meditation, yoga, open communication, and the incredibly powerful products from Doterra.

I have been using essential oils for skin care, house cleaning, emotional support, natural beauty care, and overall wellness for 20 years. 

Self-care is creating a life that you don’t need to escape from.

Why Doterra:

  • Doterra is the only brand of essential oils that is Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). Certified Pure means that they work with chemists, botanist and growers to ensure that all of their oils are free of adulteration and contamination. Therapeutic Grade means that oils are so pure, and of high quality that they maintain the beautiful healing properties of the plants. Learn more about CPTG here.

  • Giving is at the center of their mission, and they support the farming communities where they source all of their oils through Co-Impact Sourcing. They also are doing incredible work to end human trafficking and modern child slavery. This means everything to me. Read more here.

  • Doterra uses a direct selling model to help bring the use of essential oils into our homes. As I’ve learned more about Doterra’s founders and their mission, I have seen so clearly how it lines up with my own. We know that everything is connected. The more I align myself with the rhythms of earth and nature, the more well I become. I also know that our culture is unwell. We are living in a disconnected society. More of us are waking up to human need of connection. The direct sales model brings us together. It creates networks of families support each others abundance and wellness. Instead of buying your products online or at a store, we can gather together, and share an experience that is alive and enriching. We can learn from each other and support each other in our practices of living vibrant and connected lives.


Essential oils are distilled from pure and alive plants. They hold the essence, or soul, of each plant. Our sense of smell is connected to the element of earth, it is our most primal and deep sensory connection to our mothers, and to our human-ness.

Smelling these oils can shift our energy, our mood, and they can help us to ground ourselves more fully in the present. I use essential oils in many ways around my house, but primarily they are part of my deepening relationship with our earth. It is my daily practice of reverence for being alive on this planet at this special time.

Years ago, I stopped buying conventional skin care products, and started making my own at home. I use oils to wash and moisturize both my body and my face, and my skin loves me for it. Our skin is an organ, and she needs to breathe and feel. So many of the harsh and toxic chemicals that we put on (and inside) our bodies are making us sick, and we are ready for a better way.

My Daily Face Oil:

Base Oil= 2/3 Apricot Seed Oil & 1/3 Rose Hip Oil

Add a few drops of Lavender, Geranium, & Ylang Ylang (these are all comforting, soothing and beautifying floral oils)

Wash face and remove makeup by putting a few drops on a warm and wet washcloth, and gentle massage away makeup and dirt. After rinsing, put two or 3 drops of oil on face, carefully avoiding eyes. Use morning and night.


Soul is your deeper self. It is your deepest wisdom, your most true essence. Your body is soul enfleshed. Soul is beginning-less, timeless, endless- it is THE MYSTERY.

Your soul, in its inherent wisdom, created your body, chose your life situation, and placed you here so that you can grow. Only your soul knows the way. Your speaks through your body. It is your sacred avatar that is utterly devoted to supporting you in living out your purpose for this life.

The natural scents and healing properties of essential oils speak directly to the body and to your intuition. It is a relationship that is deeper and more intelligent than your mind. It is a relationship of soul.

My favorite oils for Soul:

Hawaiian Sandalwood-The Oil of Sacred Devotion

Juniper Berry-The Oil of Night

Clove-The Oil of Boundaries

Clary Sage- the Oil of Clarity and Vision


Beauty is who you are. It is not something you can make. It doesn’t come from outside. It is your essence, and when you let your essence shine forth with natural ease, you FEEL beautiful. Years ago, I had a realization that beauty is sacred. It is holy. It is not something that be bought or sold or broken or removed. It is your natural aliveness, and your unique expression. Essential oils work in harmony with your essential nature. They are co-collaborators in your soul’s evolution and your body’s beautiful vitality.

My favorite oils for Beauty:

Geranium-The Oil of Love & Trust

Ylang Ylang-The Oil of the Inner Child

Rose-The Oil of Divine Love

Lavender-The Oil of Communication & Calm


Spirit is your highest self. It is your shining and expressive loveliness. It is your passion that carries you forward, and uplifts your life. It is your sacred impulse to create, to play, to dance, sing, and breathe.

I use essential oils for inspiration to work, to play, and to align more fully with my deep desire to share my light with you in ways that are useful and uplifting.

My favorite oils for Spirit:

Frankincense- The Oil of Truth

Basil-The Oil of Renewal

Melaleuca (Tea-Tree)-The Oil of Energetic Boundaries

Bergamot-The Oil of Self-Acceptance


If you want to learn more about how to use essential oils to streamline your self-care, clear out your home of toxic chemicals, and to bring more beauty to your life, please reach out to me anytime.

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I am here.