The Beginning of Something Beautiful.

Whether you wish to enrich your life with essential oils as a customer, or grow your business as a Wellness Advocate, the enrollment kits offered below will inspire your learning, and your family’s wellness. I began with the Natural Solutions Kit, and since I received that first exquisite package, I have seen tremendous benefits in the ecology of my home, in the health of my children, and in my own happiness and wellbeing.


If you are interested in growing a business with essential oils, you begin by learning, and using the oils. As you use the oils, your passion for them grows, and it will be completely natural for you to want to share them with others. You will understand through your own experience, how incredibly powerful they are, and it will inspire you to teach. If you wish to join my team, and you are a dedicated student, together, we will grow our thriving through learning and sharing. You will also have access to my mentor, Elena Brower’s, brilliant library of videos and resources that are a daily source of support and inspiration for me and our team.

These beautiful investments on your own wellness and the health of your family will also support the future success of your business, so go for it!

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Diamond Kit


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Natural Solutions Kit


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Emotional Aromatherapy Kit


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Every Oil Kit


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Home Essentials Kit


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AromaTouch Diffused Kit