We are better together.


Private Soul Mentoring

A mentor is your soul’s companion, protector of your heart, in service to the love that is your essence, and champion of the artistry that is your gift to the world.

A mentor holds your creative vision with clarity and grace as you grow into the person you will be when your vision becomes reality. A mentor holds a field of heightened potency within which your most cherished desires can blossom.
— Hiro Boga

Eventually, you will find yourself at a threshold. 

Your spiritual practice has brought you to a place that feels like home, and yet, it is unfamiliar. You might feel like you are on the edge of something big, like life is about to open up in some new and exciting way.  Or, maybe you left a job, or you are starting a new career.  Maybe you struggle with your inner, emotional terrain , and you need support in managing your energy.  This is when you call me, and the sacred work of stepping through the next doorway begins.


 Marni comes without agenda, she holds space for the work to unfold and I believe that gifted ability can only come from her lived experience of holding space for her own spiritual growth.  She has integrity, honesty, and exceptional clarity on all matters of the heart.
I have benefited from this work by learning to trust my body, my voice, my intuitive sense....and cultivating courage through the huge upheavals that often accompany deep transformation.This, to me, makes her immensely trustworthy and reliable.
Tib Campise-Mentoring Client




Meditate at Work

Bring presence, humanity, and breath to your workplace with guided meditation classes.  I will come to your office once or twice a week, and lead you and your co-workers through simple and potent practices that will influence and inspire a more mindful and happy work environment.

I also offer workshops and retreats on bringing mindfulness to work.


Rejuvenation Retreat in Mexico.

Going on yoga retreat, is one of the most powerful and sweet ways to deepen into the ways of living yoga.

Leaving your daily rhythms is necessary. Turning off your phone is a gift. Taking time in beautiful nature is to remember who you are, and it reawakens your compassion and your strength.

Spending quality time with friends who are also living awake, is divine.

Please join myself and Mina Habibi for a week in Mexico in March. Its going to be exquisite.


Yoga Workshops

Enliven your experience of your Body/Mind/Heart/Soul with curated teachings on yoga to uplift and empower your life.  


Yoga Classes

This is way in.  Regular and consistent practice over a long period of time makes your soul real, your heart awake, your body alive, and your mind clear.


Online Teachings

Learn and practice from home.  Keep the teachings close to your heart with simple and profound meditation offerings, and inspired lectures on the wisdom of the Goddesses.