Doors open in December for this year long invitation to your highest self.

 The Soulful Living Group

The thing about meditation
is that you become more and 
more you.
-David Lynch

( A year of monthly meditations to inspire, clarify, and uplift your 


I created the Soulful Living Group to support and inspire your spiritual practice. I know that you are in it for the long game, and being with you for an entire year, just feels right to me. I wanted to create a space where we can hold each other through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and everything in between.

  • At the beginning of each month, you will receive a new, 5-20 minute recording of a guided meditation from Marni. You can listen over and over again.

  • There will be one check-in call each month that will begin with a short teaching with Marni, and will open up to a group discussion where we can share our practices and learnings with each other.

  • You will also receive optional home practice and journaling prompts-you get to choose how much you want to put into this work.

We begin in January. You will receive your meditation and the check in call invite on the first week of the month. The calls will be scheduled month by month.

Your investment is $497


I wanted ongoing support and inspiration for my spiritual practice, and being part of this group has delivered that! One thing I appreciate is that because of the fairly light level of contact, it’s very much about me developing and doing my own practice (rather than, say, going to a class and being walked through every step every time). I appreciate the support in taking responsibility for my own spiritual work.
— 2019 Soulful Living Group Particpant
Being part of this group has helped me transition from mostly practicing with someone else in the lead to a self-designed, self-led practice. I feel like my practice truly suits me now and it shifts with me. The gentle twice-a-month-ish reminders help keep me consistent and pick practice back up when I drop it. Your teachings are always inspiring and fascinating and remind me that there are many, many facets of spiritual growth. I am really grateful for this offering!
— 2019 Soulful Living Group Particpant