Lakshmi-Goddess Wisdom

Lakshmi-Goddess Wisdom


In this self-directed digital course, you will learn how to access and embody the powers of Manifesting your desires, creating Momentum in your life and work, and Freedom of expression.

* You will hear the stories of the 3 Goddesses: Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali, and how they directly relate to your lived experience. 

*You will be guided through simple, yet profound, meditations and practices that you can use any time for aligning yourself and organizing your energy around your highest self.

* You will receive journaling prompts for deeper exploration and self-study.


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You are the Goddess expressing herself as you.

Lakshmi holds the archetypal energy of momentum.. She is the earth beneath your feet, the wind at your back, the unending flow of abundance and support.   She is the principles of give and take, and gratitude.  She is also beauty and inherent goodness.

When you recognize her in your life, you become magnetic, radiant, and more fully alive as you.

In this lecture, you will learn the story of Lakshmi's birth, and how your life challenges give you the ideal set up for more abundance and beauty.  You will learn meditation techniques to practice aligning yourself with her wisdom and power, to become a fully resourced human being.