A Sacred Mess

Sometimes, I'm just so over trying to keep things neat. I secretly wish I could be 3.5 with my kids and not have to be in charge of the clean up crew, or the be on time crew, or the eat your veggies crew, or the go to bed at a certain time crew...etc...etc...but then, I remember the crazy amazing privilege it is to witness their becoming and watch them learn by making a total mess. And then I remember that all of the crazy messes that I've made in my life, and how they always brought me to some new place of perfect beauty and neatness. Those moments of perfection never last that long. How could they? 

It's the falling apart and the making a mess, that keeps the dancer dancing. Without the times of messed up rhythm, off key singing, and really bad hair days, we'd have nothing left to do. Life would just stop living itself. 

So, take out the glitter, get it all over everything, and then sweep it up. But, not really, because that stuff sticks to everything. Perfect, now you have some new messy reason to wake up tomorrow. The dancer has a song, and you will have your 5 minutes of perfection and 23 hours and 55 minutes of an awesome mess to keep you busy and alive.

Marni SclaroffComment