fall in love with life this way.

For a long time, I wanted out of here. I wanted to fly, like a bird, to a place far away. Then, I saw how beautiful it is when you get really close to something that wants to be seen. I saw in the details; the lines of wisdom, the scars of living, the muddy mixed-up waters, and the jewels shimmering beneath. Here, is where I found myself; all of my innocence wanting to be seen and heard and understood. I found that place where we all want to meet. I saw you there too. I saw all your wanting to be seen and heard, and all of your unspoken truths and your great deep scars of living that hold the powers of compassion and understanding. I found me there and I found you. We met each other right here, in the center of everything and we never had to go anywhere to fall in love with life this way.

Marni SclaroffComment