trust the unfolding of your life.

In 2016, I trust in my life's unfolding. I trust every heartbreak as a healing mechanism that shows me how to love more deeply.. I trust every misstep as the perfect new choreography for this creative life I've chosen. I trust all the ways that I don't quite fit into that box that I've sincerely tried to fit myself into. I trust that my inner senses are filled with great wisdom and I should keep paying attention. I trust my voice that wants to speak to you with tenderness and truth. I trust real beauty that I recognize because it emanates from inside of you. I trust my deep longing to hold space for healing, true friendships, and conscious and collaborative evolution. This I trust completely. I trust all the grief and sadness as the great healing waters of transformation. I trust the fear as the sacred trembling wisdom that invites me to pay attention more closely and use all of my senses. I trust my own unfolding and I trust yours too.

Marni SclaroffComment