The Underground River

There is an underground river that is part of your aliveness.

It is dark and a little bit scary.

But, it is also, wise.

Your soul wisdom lives there.

When I feel depressed, I know that it’s my underground river talking to me, and it’s time for me to listen. I have learned to be a student of this.

Every single time, I go down there, I come up with the most beautiful jewels.

It has taken me many many years to learn how to do this, and to not be afraid. I have also had to learn how to not get stuck down there. That used to happen, and it was so incredibly painful. We are not meant to stay down for too long. When you descend to the river underground, you must go naked. You leave your name, your family, your friends, your stuff. You go alone.

You have to feel it. It is dark and mystery.

You go there with no agenda.

You go there, either kicking and screaming, or with quiet reverence and sometimes tears. Both are okay. The river will teach you, if you know how to let it.


In our culture, we have pathologilized depression and anxiety. We have forgotten how to listen and to feel. We have built a culture that leaves very little room for wisdom. We are sick because of this. Depression becomes a sickness, when we lack the proper support for going down to the river, and for coming back up. And, after you go down, you are not who you were before, and then you must integrate what you have learned. And, your needs will be different; you might need to eat different foods, wear different clothes, be around different people. These might be small little shifts, or big huge ones. Sometimes people go down to the river, and they have what we call a mid life crisis.

I had mine when I was 14.

It can happen to you anytime, and we should learn how to welcome it, revere it, care for it. The underground river is what makes us human. It is our soul, our wisdom, our compassion, our feelings, our sensuality. It is water and life.