Why We Feel

Emotions are energy.
They are teachers.
They give life.
When you feel anger, you feel empowered to act in courageous ways to protect yourself or another from a threat.
This can be done unconsciously or consciously.
The conscious way is to feel the anger and look at the situation from a wider view.
Then, you choose an action that will create the most harmonious results for all involved. Sometimes this means to walk away, or fight, or speak, or listen, or protect. 
The energy of anger will give you the power to complete the action. 
Once it is complete, the anger should be set free.
You don’t need to hold onto it.
Often, we fail to feel the feelings, and then we miss this opportunity.
Other times, we grip into feelings because they feel powerful, and then they get stuck, and we become them.
When this happens, energy gets stuck, and our bodies become ill, and we become a magnet for more of that energy.
Like attracts like.
What you focus on expands.
Allow emotions to visit you. Feel them, invite them, and listen.
Let them teach you, move you, and then, let them go when it is time.

Marni SclaroffComment