You Are Not Stuck.

You think you are what’s happening to you, but really, you are how you choose to engage with what’s happening.
One part of you knows that you are free, and your heart longs for freedom.
Other parts of you don’t realize that. The parts of you that gossip, or complain, or are addicted to unhealthy habits, or hold on to resentment and fear and anger and hatred. These are all parts of you that are living as if you are in prison.
But, you are free.
The parts of you in prison, are often very strong, and the parts of you who want freedom, are not always so strong.
Freedom is less dense than anger. Love is less dense than hatred. Wisdom is less dense than doubt. 
To your personality self, the less dense things seem weak and scary because they are big and flowing and hard to grab on to.
The more dense things feel solid.
That is why you feel stuck. You’ve been gripping onto something that feels solid, even though it’s not.
It’s a difficult process of becoming liberated from our strong parts that keep us stuck, because it means that we have to be willing to get strong in new ways.
It will feel insurmountable when we look at it from our already strong parts.
But, if we are willing to let ourselves feel weak and vulnerable, then we can begin.
If you can know yourself as a soul- infinite, endless, and expansive, and you can see your personality as an emanation of that, then you can let yourself soften that grip a little.
You are the one who is keeping you stuck, and you are the one who will liberate you.
Because we are evolutionary beings, your story is never over, and you can write it however you’d like.

Marni SclaroffComment