This is Liberation

Life will give you two choices. 
Do you want to be a giver or a taker?
A taker is someone who waits for life please them. They expect things and people to be a certain way, and when they are not, they whine and complain. They use other people to make themselves feel big, and they take no responsibility for their own energy.
They wallow in their despair and sadness and anger and resentment, and they play the victim whenever possible.
They are terrified of feeling weak because that is where they could actually get stronger.
They are afraid of the unknown because their sense of power is wrapped up in feeling like they are in “control”
They respond to suffering with fear.
A giver is someone who takes responsibility for their energy.
They recognize that they have the power to shift dynamics and situations with their intention.
They see the world as inherently good, and work to expand harmony in every way possible.
They are willing to feel their own weaknesses because they know that this is how they get stronger.
They work to serve others instead of using them.
They honor the mystery as a place of great possibility, and they enter it with humility and grace.
They respond to suffering with love, compassion and tenderness.
You get to choose who you are.
This is liberation.

Marni SclaroffComment