Alchemy of Daily Practice

The alchemists of long ago pioneered the art form of conscious transformation. They were focused on turning lead into gold, but when you look at what they were doing from a symbolic perspective, you can see clearly that they were doing the work that we must do if we wish to live awake.

The alchemists used hermetically sealed vessels that could contain the "Prima Matera", which is the essence of all matter. They would heat it up with the intention of purifying it to its most quintessential state of being.

In Tokopa Turner's book, Belonging, ) she talks about the vessel that the alchemist's used, is akin to the commitments we make in our lives. When we make a commitment to something, like a daily spiritual practice, we create a sealed container for our alchemical transformation to occur.

In the private mentoring work that I am doing with people, and in my work with essential oils, I support people in creating a daily practice to support their transformation.

I recently had a client who wanted to change so badly, but she didn't want to do any of the work. 
I know how difficult it is to start a new practice, because at first, it will feel limiting and uncomfortable.

When we are used to living a life without any container, or by just relying on the containers that other people create for us, creating one on our own, feels really uncomfortable at first.

All transformation is uncomfortable. We just have to decide if we want to do consciously or not. Unconscious transformation will happen no matter what. So we can choose, do we want to live it awake and build a stronger container for more gold, or do we want to wait for life, other people and circumstances to just do it for us.

The one thing that has kept me alive and awake for these past 25 years, is my practice.

It is the prima matera and the container from which all of my growth has occurred. When I look back over these years, I see so many moments where I could have easily gotten lost and stuck in deep muddy waters. I could have spiraled off into many awful places.

My practice always called me home. It is how I learned how to hold the energy of depression, anxiety, fear, grief, and all of the other big emotions without completely collapsing.

My commitment to my daily practice and my daily rituals of self-care are the roots of my self-esteem. They are the ways that I show up for myself, and for you.

My practice lately:
Daily walks to listen to the trees.
Essential Oils for plant wisdom, and to anchor or release emotions and energies.
Daily meditation for energetic protection and to receive guidance. Also, mindset training.
Yoga and breathe practices for releasing and receiving life energy.

If you want support and guidance on how to create a strong container with daily practice, I invite you to join our doTERRA family, or sign up for my potent Soul Mentoring Program.

Marni SclaroffComment