Awake Parenting

Parenting is the most challenging, delightful, inspiring, confusing, overwhelming and ecstatic experiences of my life. I am grateful that I have 25 years of meditation and yoga practices to support me from the inside.

One of my friends, Francine Ronis is a yogi and a parenting coach, and I am thrilled to be in conversation and friendship with her.

I know that we are all desperate for community and safe spaces to explore and share our personal experiences of parenting.

She and I had a beautiful conversation yesterday, and we recorded it for you. Francine has so much wisdom to share, and she is a brilliant guide and coach.

There's a little technical snafu in the middle, but keep watching, because we fix it fast.

We will be holding an online mother's circle on August 19 and that will be interactive and beautiful. Stay tuned for details....

click on the link to watch.

Marni SclaroffComment