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Golden Prana Breathwork Session

  • Rise Wellbeing Center 11130 Sunrise Valley Dr. Suite 150, Reston, VA 20191 (map)

After one of the most profoundly healing experiences, in a private session with breathwork facilitator, Alison Hord, I invited her to come back to Reston to lead a group session. Alison is a healer and a light, and she creates the most beautiful and sacred space for life to flow again.

“The fluidity and grace of a humans single breath is stunted by life’s stressors, pains, losses, disease, trauma, heartbreak, and so on. As babies, we naturally breathe from the stomach area, as we have complete internal freedom first coming into the world going unscathed. As time goes on, we start to experience life. The breathing transfers up to the heart space, light and restricted. The body learns to store and carry tension from these events. This powerful and intensive breathing technique (a form of Pranayama) is custom designed to break through those barriers of stress and tension (imagine a vacuum clearing out the muscle memory) and allowing energy to move freely throughout these spaces that were once stuck. This is a 2 part breathing technique- in through the stomach, in through the chest, and out through the mouth. This breath pattern is done all through the mouth as breathing through the mouth can move more air in and out of lungs bringing us out of the mind and dropping into the physical body.”

The group will be limited to 15 people for a personalized experience.

Please register asap to ensure your space.

This session will be held at the gorgeous in Reston, VA