Marni Sclaroff


Nourishment for a life well lived.







Clear. Thoughtful. Deep. Potent. Transformative. Marni will take you to your center where you’re bound to expand.

— Vivian Campagna, Yoga Teacher

I work with people with high aspirations and generous spirits. I support the ones who work hard, give hard, and who want to fall in love with life.

We interface with the Mystery, and we uncover new doorways of inspiration, creative freedom, and vitality.

I use the tools that I have gathered over the past 25 years of deep spiritual work in Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda, Visual Art, Music, Dance, Aromatherapy, Life Coaching, Spiritual Mentoring, Earth Wisdom, Tibetan Buddhism, Psychotherapy, and Thai Massage.

There are 5 main aspects that we address in our work together;

Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

Each aspect informs the other, and they are unique, and also intimately connected.


I was interviewed on the Beyond Asana Podcast, and we had a great conversation about spirituality, yoga, eating disorders, and New Jersey diners!

Here is an interview from the 108 Reasons not to do Yoga Podcast with one of my oldest yoga sisters, Diana Vitarelli. We go way back.

Marni comes without agenda, she holds space for the work to unfold and I believe that gifted ability can only come from her lived experience of holding space for her own spiritual growth. She has integrity, honesty, and exceptional clarity on all matters of the heart.
I have benefited from this work by learning to trust my body, my voice, my intuitive sense....and cultivating courage through the huge upheavals that often accompany deep transformation.This, to me, makes her immensely trustworthy and reliable.
— Tib Campise-Clinical Social Worker